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Final Reflections On The Zimmerman Verdict

With the trial over, the jury has spoken and George Zimmerman is a free man. Some applaud the verdict and others curse the system for failing to bring justice. Where you stand on this depends partly on how you define justice.

Salvation Army : Gays Deserve To Die!

For many years, I lived under the impression that although the Salvation Army had a religious base, it did not discriminate and reached out to help those in need regardless of the personal beliefs of those in need. I don't  know where or when I was told this, but I believed it.

Giving up on Living on Light

There's a woman named Naveena Shine, who was testing out her particular brand of faith, something called "breatharianism", which purports that humans can live on sunshine. Sure, why the hell not?

The Lunacy of Exorcism

One of the most ridiculous notions in religious dogma is that of demonic possession, followed inevitably by exorcism. The practice, aside from being completely insane is also barbaric and inhumane. For the purpose of this article, I'm going to concentrate on the insanity. 

Super Spectacular Day!

Way back, a long time ago, when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, in the late 1970s to early 1980s, I subscribed to a particular cerebral publication called "MAD Magazine". I also read Naional Lampoon and Heavy Metal magazines, but this post is about MAD.

Nigerian Skype Spam

Cool! I just received your classic Nigerian scam message, this one purportedly  Mr.David MENSAH (not sure why he capitalizes his name), a banker from Ghana, so maybe it's a Ghanaese scam. Anyhow, he is purportedly taking care of the estate of the departed M. Daniel GAGNE (what's with the fargin capitalization?) who wants to make sure that I take care of US $ 18,400,000.00 American dollars.

I am vi, the great and powerful . . .

The Linux world is home to some unusual controversy. None is greater than the phylosophical battles regarding text editors. Some will tell you emacs is the best, while others will argue for vi as the supreme editor. I happen to like vi though I will tell you about emacs in a later article.

When I think . . .

What the Tech Industry Can Learn From Linus Torvalds

Mastering the Linux Shell : Killing Processes and Dire Warnings

Today's installment of Mastering the Linux Shell comes with a warning. Actually, it comes with a few warnings. .And a viewer advisory. Well, actually a reader advisory. 


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