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Distro hopping . . . again. Hello openSUSE!

I'm sharing this with my Linux and free software friends because I know they'll understand.
Well, I've done it again.

Taking Over The United States

The year is certainly starting off with a good dose of insanity. Yes, America . . . we Canadians have been planning the takeover of the United States all along, and Obama is just another Canadian puppet. We already rule your media and entertainment industries and soon, after Obama starts 'managing' the alien invasion, we'll launch our final attack.

Happy New Year!

It has been suggested that we make 2014 an amazing year. What if we just make it an amusing year? Or a slightly better than average year? Or what if we save energy and resources by recycling an old year that was still otherwise pretty okay but with a dash of coolness? Like 1969.

Toying With The Idea

It's Christmas; a time of peace and joy . . . of good will to men and women the world over.

It's also a time of forgiveness and everyone gets a second chance.

Even a scumbag like Johnny. 

Quick fix for Zimbra Zero Day exploit

There's nothing like a good zero day exploit that targets one of your busy servers to get your attention. When the fix involves taking down a server with a few hundred email accounts, you start to panic just a little.

Apocalyptical : Tracking Apocalypses Since 2013

I want to create a Website, unless one already exists and maybe even if it does, that tracks upcoming apocalypses (or is it apocalypsii?) so that we can turn the end of the world into a spectator sport of sorts. This is a lot more clever than you probably think it is, and likely to become really big and makes piles of money, and let me tell you why. 

Jesus Was a Racist

There is no good in this world, done under the name of religion, that could not have been done by good people who hold no religious belief. Any good and moral action that has been done in religion's name has been done in spite of religion, not because of it. Good people will, given the chance, do good. And most people are good. 

Open Scripture Project - Making the Perfect God

Today, I want to introduce you to the "Open Scripture Project". OSP will be a community built religion with a git repository for changes. The purpose of OSP is to give us all the chance to make the perfect god.  We will do it by following a time honoured open source philosophy. Release early and release often!

Ultra pranks and ultra reality

I'd almost forgotten about this until somebody commented on a post I had made regarding the following video.

Shell Scripting vs Programming, part 3 - Special Things

When you talk about shell programming, or any kind of programming for that matter, you are going to deal with variables on different levels. In the shell, you have the built-in variables you saw earlier, and you can assign variables as well. For instance, without writing a script, type this line at your shell (command-line) prompt:


Then type this:


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